LEVEL.UP 108 Intuitive Alignment Workshop

Starts on Sunday, 04/12/2022
Price 35.00 €


Alignment why it matters and how to find it without any knowledge of anatomy or even yoga!

A workshop for yoga students of all Levels incl. teachers who like to find a more authentic way to teach alignment to their students.

Alignment should be intuitive and functional because its not about how it looks but how it feels.

This workshop will teach you an intuitive way to find stability and comfort in any Asana. At the same time we include a functional approach of finding safe alignment within an asana which honors the individual body structure as well as limitations ( e.g. through injuries).

please note that this is a practice focused workshop without a full practice.

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Teacher :


For me Yoga means rediscovering the natural rhythm of live and reconnecting to your inner teacher as well the flow of live. My classes are fluid and reach from powerful to introspective & meditative, but are also fun. Aligned with the power of nature we will experience not only stronger solar flows but also the quiet lunar side of yoga. We focus on bringing awareness to the natural rhythm of our breath and body. I encourage my students to always listen to their individual energy level on each day and provide different Kramas (levels) for each Asana. This gives students of all levels the possibility to develop and grow in their own Yoga practice.


1.04/12/202214:00 - 17:00Kuttlerstraße 21, 91054 ErlangenMaxine


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