Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage (January session)

Starts on Friday, 06/01/2023
Price 38.00 €


This workshop focuses on grounding Thai Yoga Massage techniques to calm body and mind.

Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle full body massage which uses no oils or lotions. You remain clothed during the session and rather than rubbing on muscles the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

The session is 180 minutes long and you will need a partner to work with. After approx 90 min. we will swap so that the the person who received the massage first, will be the massage giver in the second round.

We recommend to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Price per Person: 38 € Duration: 180min

Spots limited to 8 students to allow for the best learning experience.

Trainer :


I love dancing (tango and contact improvisation) and being in contact. This affinity for movement and touch, together with a fascination for the deeper layers of the human being, brought me to Yoga and finally to Thai massage / Holistic bodywork. Here I have found a space to explore and understand more holistically the wonders of the human being. With this background I would like to accompany people in opening the inner door to greater abundance and vitality and in living their authentic selves.


1.06/01/202314:30 - 17:30Kuttlerstraße 21, 91054 ErlangenCorinna


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