Yoga Präventionskurs 10 weeks ( Start Januar Do 20:00)

Startet am Thursday, 11/01/2024
Price 150.00 €


10 week course - Registered as Präventionskurs Hatha Yoga für Beginner und Wiedereinsteiger with public health insurance - Zuschuss gesetzliche Krankenkassen möglich.

Share paid back varies from health insurance to health insurance and can reach from 60-100% We recommend you contact your insurance upfront for the exact amount.

Open to All Level

GKV Zuschuss - Diesen Kriterien müssen erfüllt sein:

  • Mindestens 8 Besuche des Präventionskurses
  • Zahlung eines speziellen Präventionskurs-Tarifs für 10 Einheiten zu Beginn des Kurses. Regulär 145 €
  • Der Erstattungsbetrag ist abhängig von der Krankenkasse. Du kannst bei deiner Kasse den Zuschussbetrag und auch die Häufigkeit pro Jahr erfragen. Erfahrungsgemäß liegt der Zuschuss bei ca. 70-80 €
  • Die Bescheinigung für die Krankenkasse erhältst du am Ende des Kurses.

What to expect:

Yoga 21 now provides a blend of our Vinyasa Flow combined with elements of a Yin Yoga and Meditation practice.

Sunset Yoga is ideal for not only strengthening and opening your body but also your mind. Perfect for a busy lifestyle in this modern world. This class is for those seeking to gain strength but also focus on self care, breathwork and releasing stress.

Focus: Align, Stabilize and Stretch for overall muscle strength, flexibility, and relaxation

Teacher :


Maxine stands for modern Yoga which meets today’s needs. It’s a fusion of ancient Yoga knowledge, Ayurveda paired with recent insights and breakthroughs in neuroscience and fascia studies. For Maxine Yoga means rediscovering the natural rhythm of life and reconnecting to your inner nature. Maxine is known to guide students to become aware of the natural rhythm of the body and breath, and to explore the individual energy level day by day. This gives students of all levels the possibility to develop and grow on and off the mat. She teaches from her heart, sharing her own experiences with students from all around the world. Her classes reach from meditative, inwards focused Yin Yoga to strong, breath focused Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes.


1.11/01/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
2.18/01/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
3.25/01/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
4.01/02/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
5.08/02/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
6.15/02/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
7.22/02/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
8.29/02/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
9.07/03/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine
10.14/03/202420:00 - 21:15Hauptstraße 60, 91054 ErlangenMaxine

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