CYNN DAVILA Flexibility Intensive Berlin

Starts on Saturday, 25/09/2021
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Workshop weekend with world-renowned Cynn Davila @cynndavila

Cynn Davila is passionate about Flexibility Training. Since over 10 years she combines her experience of contemporary dance, yoga, contortion and strength training to created her own unique technique 'Bendy Clinic' to help others to increase their flexibility. Cynthia is a trained contemporary dancer and certified Dance Teacher with 15 years of experience. Growing up in Mexico, she moved to United States to expand her knowledge in Flexibility where she studied under various teachers. Currently she lives in Paris and teaches workshops worldwide.

DAY 1 - 'Splits Intensive'

Learn multiple ways of how to increase and improve your legs elasticity safely. In this workshop, we are going to dive deep into the Front Splits Methods that gets you improved and make you go deeper.⁠

Class Objectives: Legs conditioning | Hip Openers | Psoas | Splits Alignment | Hip Mobility | Hamstrings

DAY 2 - 'Backbends & Balance'

Learn the proper and safe technique of how to open and stretch your back for a healthy and lasting flexibility. The ultimate goal of this class is to teach the student how to proper warm up to avoid injuries for deeper backbends. This class includes intro to scorpios exercises.

Class Objectives: Back Conditioning | Upper Body (neck,shoulders,back) | Injury prevention in Lower Back | Shoulders & Spine Mobility | Thoracic Opener | C-Back Shape

All levels are welcome


Full Weekend €100 | Single workshop €60

Reserve your spot via Eversports, remaining payment in cash on location

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1.25/09/202112:00 - 14:00Heinrich-Heine-Platz 10, 10179 BerlinGuest Teacher
2.26/09/202112:00 - 14:00Heinrich-Heine-Platz 10, 10179 BerlinGuest Teacher

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