Weekend Workshop series Lucie x Dharma Yoga Berlin

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Starts on Friday, 20/01/2023
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Weekend Workshop series Lucie x Dharma Yoga Berlin

  • Friday 19th

Sthira and Sukha Masterclass

Duration : 2hrs

Sthira is the Sanskrit word referring to effort, and Sukha refers to ease or comfort. In

this 2 hours Masterclass we will try to find the right balance between both of these

qualities. Lucie will guide you through an exploration of your strength and flexibility in

a dynamic Hatha – Vinyasa sequence. You will learn how to mindfully use your

strength as well as your flexibility to improve your practice. Modifications and more

advanced variations will be offered.

  • Saturday 20 th

Journey through the Spine – Backbending Workshop

Duration : 2hrs

The Spine is considered to be the main and central channel of energy in the body. In

the Yoga practice, the backbending postures are sometimes a source of fear and are

not easy to understand. This workshop is an opportunity to explore how the spine

functions in order to safely improve your practice. You will learn some tools to

uncover your spine flexibility and gain ease into your backbending postures.

Modifications and more advanced variations will be offered.

  • Sunday 21 st

Recharge your Prana – Pranayama and Yoga Nidra Workshop

Duration 2 hrs

Prana relates to the vital force, vital energy. In this workshop you will learn about the

science of Pranayama ( Yogic breathing ) and about the practice of Yoga Nidra (

Yogic relaxation ) to better understand how to manage your energy through these

techniques. You will also have the experience of it through a guided practice.

Bio Lucie

Lucie David is a Yoga teacher and energy worker, originally from Paris, France. She studied extensively with world known yoga teachers such as Simon Park, Chris Chavez, Jared Mccann, and legendary yogi Sri Dharma Mittra – her teachers’s teacher. She is now spending most of her time in New York City, studying under Sri Dharma Mittra’s guidance.

Lucie has been offering Yoga classes in Paris and New York City, and she is regularly leading workshops and retreats - eventually worldwide.

Lucie’s is skillfully blending the teachings she received from her core teachers to create well balanced classes. She is teaching a mix of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa and Dharma Yoga. Her teachings are both phisically and spiritually transformative and uplifting. Lucie is generously sharing her love for the practice of Yoga and her joyfull positive energy is communicative.


  • Full weekend €75
  • Friday €27 | Saturday €32 | Sunday €27
  • €10 discount with USC check-in, remainder to be paid in cash on location


  • Full weekend €50
  • Friday €17 | Saturday €22 | Sunday €17

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1.20/01/202319:30 - 21:30Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher
2.20/01/202319:30 - 21:30Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher
3.21/01/202313:00 - 15:30Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher
4.21/01/202313:00 - 15:30Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher
5.22/01/202312:00 - 14:00Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher
6.22/01/202312:00 - 14:01Kienitzer Straße 98, 12049 BerlinGuest Teacher

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