Lions Gate Portal & Shamanic Breathwork Journey with Patricia

Starts on Monday, 08/08/2022
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The lion's gate portal opens every year on August 8 (08-08) when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth all line up, this creates a powerful portal of energy, which is potent for manifestations.

In this session we will attune by the breath with this universal force, and create even more awareness and intention in this aspiscious astrological moment.

We invite you to connect deeper to your sense of belonging, to the nourishment of nature and to your ability for transformation through elemental wisdom. Shamanic Breathwork uses the circular breathing associated with tools to bring the body and mind in a state of openness and observation. It uses the elemental qualities to support the release of stagnancy in the body, emotional blockages and patterns that are holding ourselves back from being our true connected self.

Shamanic Breathwork empowers us to remember who we are: -Awaken sense of aliveness -Remove stagnant energy and repressed emotions -Opening the body to receive bliss -Connects somatic and cognitive, access to subconscious mind -More clarity and connection to intuition -Increase life force and vibrational frequency for manifestation

Trainer :

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Patricia Udipti


1.08/08/202219:30 - 21:00Monumentenstraße 23, 10829 BerlinPatricia Udipti


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