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SingleClass ☆3

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Mit dieser Karte kannst du an "3 Star" Kursen teilnehmen.

1 Einheit = 1 Star

Number of included units
3 units
Valid from
purchase date
Duration of validity
3 years
Booking rules
Valid at
Included activities
  • Ballett II m. Colette *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz II m. Nunzio *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz Basics m. Julia *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballet II m. Maxim *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz II-III m. Nunzio *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz I m. Nunzio *IN-STUDIO*
  • HipHop I m. Sylvie *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I-II m. Hanna *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I m. Gaetano *IN-STUDIO*
  • HipHop II m. Sylvie *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett II-III m. Thierry *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I-II m. Thierry *IN-STUDIO*
  • HipHop Basics m. Valentina *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz I-II m. Anna *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett Basics m. Gaetano *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I m. Thierry *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz Basics-I m. Valentina *IN-STUDIO*
  • Contemp. Jazz II m. Ben *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I m. Colette *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett II-III m. Ilia *IN-STUDIO*
  • Contemp. Jazz I m. Benjamin *IN-STUDIO*
  • "How to" Jazz I WarmUp (tutorial)
  • Ballett I m. Thierry *IN-STUDIO*
  • HipHop Basics m. Isy *IN-STUDIO*
  • DanceGLAM m. Sylvie *IN-STUDIO*
  • Tap Dance Basics m. Jochen
  • Tap Dance I m. Jochen *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett I-II m. Ilia *IN-STUDIO*
  • Contemporary Modern I w. Joao *IN-STUDIO*
  • Contemporary Modern Basics *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz II m. Nunzio *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz I m. Nunzio *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz I m. Anna *IN-STUDIO*
  • Jazz II m. Anna *IN-STUDIO*
  • Neo Classical Ballet I-II m. Gianluca *SPECIAL*
  • Heels Class m. Doly *IN-STUDIO*
  • HipHop I m. Isy *IN-STUDIO*
  • ShowCase Rehearsal
  • Contemp. Jazz I-II m. Giovanni *IN-STUDIO*
  • Ballett Basics m. Colette *IN-STUDIO*
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