VIFIT Hot Yoga Frankfurt

ViFiT Hot Yoga is unique,The heat combined with the sequence of the postures and breathing exercise with meditation. The room is heated to warm muscles, which allows you to work deeper in a shorter amount of time, seeing results faster. Heat takes the trauma out of stretching, heals and helps prevent injuries.

Yoga is not just about working muscles: you are massaging deep tissues, glands and organs as well. As you work deep within your body, you may start to release "poisons" or "toxins" that have been stored there a long time. Your skin is the largest elimination organ in your body. Sweating helps flush toxins from your body, giving you a wonderful glow from head to toe.

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9 months ago

Best Hot Yoga ever! Good atmosphere, warm service, brilliant instructions.

About the Team

Feroze Khan Yoga Teacher Andrea Miss Munch Yoga Teacher

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Questions and Answers

Why should I visit VIFIT Hot Yoga Frankfurt?

ViFiT Yoga is uniquely a relaxed environment, pretty confident open feel,calm atmosphere to focus on health. The Place to Commit, to always be in a balanced state of Mind. Orinigal Hot Yoga Frankfurt with Infra Red Heating System with fresh air install.

What should I know of the first visit?

No Experience required, just show up for class 15 minutes before class, to sweat, laugh and do more for your body. Best not to Eat two hours before class. please bring towel, yoga mat, plenty of bottled water with you. If not we do sell them.

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