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Yogaloft is a place to become aware - movement, recovery, music & meditation awaken your body and mind to bring you to HERE & NOW. A one-of a -kind place to come to your senses. Find more: @yogaloft.frankfurt











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Schifferstraße 5 , 60594 Frankfurt am Main




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4 days ago

Katharina D.

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4 days ago

Yogaloft is such a beautiful place! I did the yoga sculpt class and it was amazing! Eva is so motivating and spreads good vibes!

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4 days ago

Yoga Sculpt - Loved it!!!

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5 days ago

Happiest soul Eva will kick your a$$ ! coziest loft and lovely atmosphere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At YOGALOFT FRANKFURT you will MOVE using our body as a tool of awareness with workouts across disciplines like Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt. Achieving physical development using strengthening & alignment techniques. We believe movement is a way to emotionally process and release, helping us to find presence and freedom. STRETCH Blending Breath-work, deep stretch, fascial release, relaxation to unwind, destress and help the body to repair, rebuild and strengthen. We believe “stretch” how we call this recovery sessions, is a balance to the more active practices. MEDITATE bringing you back to your senses, silencing the chatter of your mind. Creating space for self-awareness, self discovery, growth and deeper understanding. We believe meditation keeps you fully in here and now.
· You can travel light. At Yogaloft we have the Equipment you will need. If you would prefer to workout on your Mat, sure you can bring it with you. · If you are interested in buying our equipment and thus be able to train with them at home, just let us know.
· You must cancel your class 24 hours or more prior to class start time in order to unreserve your spot and return it to your account. · If you late-cancel less than 24 hours prior to class start time your class will not be returned to your account. · If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, your class will still be deducted from your account.
· DO YOU HAVE SHOWER? We do not, but you can freshen up before you leave with the products of our vanity station. · CAN I USE MY CLASS PACK/CARDS TO BOOK ALL KIND OF CLASSES? Sure, you can use your package to book any class you want. · HOW CAN I BOOK A CLASS? You can book your class through eversport or in person at the studio. Bookings are open 14 days in advance for all classes. We have a first-come, first-serve policy. · HOW DOES THE WAITING LIST WORK? When a class is fully booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list. Whenever a spot opens up, everybody on the waiting list will receive an e-mail. · DO YOU SELL GIFT CARDS? YES WE DO! we will hand you a nicely designed gift card, ready to be handed to your loved one. · CAN I RENT YOGALOFT FOR A WORKSHOP? YES of course! We would love for our yogaloft to serve as a home for creativity, crafts, and community. contact us via email to receive all the information.
· Bring comfortable athletic clothes that allow you to move freely. · Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts.

Did you know your company can help support your sports routine? Learn more here